Here We Go!  I apologize for my absence over the past few months. In November, the Lord laid it on our hearts to move our family from Florida to Texas. Florida will always hold a special place in our hearts. It’s where God brought my husband and I together through Clearwater Christian College–a school that closed its doors in 2015. It’s where we made good friends, who will always be family. It’s where Brookie and Little Man were born. To New Adventures We’re opening a new chapter in our lives. I’m a native Texan, and it does something good to my heart to be backRead More →

In 2015, the arrival of September meant so much more than fall, pumpkins, and the beginning of school. Finally, after months of pregnancy, I was full-term. Any day, we would welcome the arrival of our second-born. We finished prepping the bassinet and folding the diapers. We finalized babysitting plans for Brookie. I typed up my birth plan. Water birth, no epidural, at the birthing center. No hospital. Then, I typed up a contingency plan. If something happened, and I had to deliver at the hospital, what would I do? No, it wouldn’t happen. But just in case. At thirty-seven weeks, my husband couldn’t attend myRead More →

The hurricane descends. Fear mounts. We worry, wonder, and plan. We pray earnestly. As Hurricane Irma threatens our lives, what will happen? Will we still have a home? Will we lose all our possessions? Will our cars be damaged from flooding? If a surge occurs, will we lose our friends? Our family? Our loves ones? Should we evacuate? If we do, will Irma catch up to us? All around us, we can feel the tension. Tension as we see someone grab the last container of water or the last of the plywood. We stock up on foods we don’t normally eat, and shower one lastRead More →

I hope you all had an amazing 4th of July. Sadly, I spent most of the day sick in bed. My husband took the kids to the park and they had a blast. Jared told me that there were hardly any other kids, and that it was brutally hot. Park But, I felt a little better that evening so I did go with them to see fireworks. Brookie told me that birthdays meant fireworks. Considering my birthday is near New Years and her birthday is in just a few days, no wonder she thinks that. Waiting for Fireworks It took some time for the fireworks toRead More →

I blinked. The sunlight streamed through the sides of our darkening curtains and I turned on my side. Next to me, Little Man slept, a dreamy smile on his lips. To his right, Jared slept. I sighed and tugged my computer from between the nightstand and bed, prepared to return to my fiction dream-world. I froze, the computer on my lap, as I caught sight of Little Man’s diaper. It wasn’t connected. The snappi that held the prefold together lay to the side. The diaper lay flat underneath him. The cover somehow ended up wedged underneath his ankle. The diaper itself was soaked. I nudgedRead More →

Christmas is our favorite time of year. Especially Jared’s. In fact, if I let him, Jared would listen to Christmas music all year round and we’d never take down the Christmas tree. When Christmas comes, so do our traditions. Now, our family is still on the new side. We’ve been married five years and our children’s ages are three years and fourteen months. So, while we have traditions, we’re also still trying out new traditions each year to see what we like best. Which is why I’m here to share some of our established traditions, but also some things we plan to do a little differentlyRead More →