Little Man’s wail filled the hospital room as the nurse placed him in my arms. A couple hours later, he snuggled up to me to nurse for the first time.  We had our challenges, but a lip and tongue tie reversal later, he became an expert nursling. So expert that he woke every forty-five minutes to nurse. Even at night. For the first few months of his life. By his first birthday, exhaustion and co-sleeping had become part of my life. I didn’t think we’d ever stop nursing. While I loved our sweet cuddles, I reached a point where I felt emotionally and physically drained.Read More →

I’m a Type-A organized mess who always plans five steps ahead. So when Brookie was only a few months old, I started thinking about potty training. I did so much research and decided on the 3-day-potty training method. I made a list of potty training readiness signs . One problem: Brookie didn’t agree. She had no understanding of the articles I read on signs of potty training readiness. She only knew that she liked her diapers, even if she didn’t like being dirty. Around the time Brookie was eighteen months old, I found out I was pregnant with Little Man. I was certain she’d be potty trained beforeRead More →

Marketing convinces us that we need it all, but really babies don’t need much. Younger babies need different items than older babies. For this reason, I split my list in two. While you are most likely still using the items from my Top Ten Baby Must Have’s for Birth to Six Months, these are some additions for your active, older baby as they learn new skills. Note: Links in this post may include affiliate links which provide me with a small commission at no expense to you. Exersaucer An exersaucer is a great toy for young babies. It’s good for their gross and fine motor skills asRead More →

Birth to 6 Months Baby Must-Have’s I am a victim of advertising. My husband teases me all the time because there’s this picture at Subway of a sandwich and the tomatoes make my mouth water. I stand there in line and I really want tomatoes on my sandwich. There’s one problem. I HATE tomatoes. Seriously, if I had more money, you could sell me on almost anything. As long as there’s a cool picture. When I was pregnant with my daughter, we went into Babies R’ Us. I was amazed by all the stuff. I’m thinking–what in the world? I mean, this baby will beRead More →

My three-year-old is still not potty trained. Some days, I wonder if she’ll ever get there…and then, I wonder if I’m doing something wrong. After all, we cloth diapered….and she’s a girl! All the research I did states the same thing–girls potty train faster and babies in cloth diapers potty train faster. Apparently, my stubborn three-year-old didn’t get the memo.Read More →

One of the biggest responsibilities God has given me is to teach and instruct my children in His ways so that they can have a relationship with him someday. As a book lover, I am always on the hunt for books that teach about God so that I can surround them with His love. A love that I can share through reading. Then, I stumbled across this book: Bible Basics. From the moment I heard about the idea behind this book I was intrigued.Read More →