Here We Go–On to Texas

Here We Go! 

I apologize for my absence over the past few months. In November, the Lord laid it on our hearts to move our family from Florida to Texas.

Florida will always hold a special place in our hearts. It’s where God brought my husband and I together through Clearwater Christian College–a school that closed its doors in 2015. It’s where we made good friends, who will always be family. It’s where Brookie and Little Man were born.

To New Adventures

We’re opening a new chapter in our lives. I’m a native Texan, and it does something good to my heart to be back where I was born. We’re close to my in-laws which means Brookie and Little Man will have close relationship with their grandparents. I have dreams of writing novels, and my husband has a dream of living on a small farm. Here in Texas, both of our dreams can be met. It could be met in Florida too, but this is where God has called us for the next stage of our lives.

We’re still homeschooling our little ones. Brookie is doing fabulous with All About Reading, a phonics curriculum I highly recommend. We’re also using ABC Jesus Loves Me, and starting to plan what we’ll use for next year since Brookie will be in Kindergarten! Little Man joins when he feels like it.

I’m still writing. I plan to enter my current work-in-progress in a contest this spring!

So much is the same, but so much is different. We’re excited, nervous, and thankful for the Lord’s provision. There were times we questioned whether we were leaving when He wanted us too, but He made it clear that we were. There were times our lives looked uncertain while Jared applied for job after job, with nary a bite.

Still, God is always good. No matter where He takes you, He’s still there.

Coming Soon

I have somewhat limited internet for the next couple of months. My husband and I are still looking for a house, while staying with my in-laws. The children are loving extra time with grandma and grandpa. I’m hoping to be more active the next two months, but I won’t make promises.

I will say this. Once we’re settled in our new home, I’ll have more time to write, more time to connect, more time to share. For now, I’ll be as active as I can be, but I have some exciting things in store for you.

In the Meanwhile

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Your Turn

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