4th of July Fun

I hope you all had an amazing 4th of July. Sadly, I spent most of the day sick in bed. My husband took the kids to the park and they had a blast.

Jared told me that there were hardly any other kids, and that it was brutally hot.


But, I felt a little better that evening so I did go with them to see fireworks. Brookie told me that birthdays meant fireworks. Considering my birthday is near New Years and her birthday is in just a few days, no wonder she thinks that.

Waiting for Fireworks

It took some time for the fireworks to start, but the kids kept busy. Little Man thumbed through books, stacked them, and went for a walk with Jared.

Brookie “played with the moon.”

“I play with the moon. The moon is silly,” she said. Then a few minutes later, “Mommy, why is the moon moving with me?” She then moved from one position to the other and kept checking the sky.

In the bottom picture, she is playing with a caterpillar, which then lead her to play in the bushes. “Mommy, it’s a caterpillar first. Not turn into a butterfly yet. It has to eat leaves first.”

I love watching her learn.

On Sunday, she’ll be 4, which is absolutely crazy to me.


Where we were sitting, the fireworks erupted between two palm trees which I thought was absolutely beautiful. Brookie loved it more this year than ever before. Little Man liked it for about five minutes. Then, he grew bored.

Even though I spent the day sick, we found a few family moments here and there. Holidays don’t always go as planned–especially with young children–but you have to enjoy every moment.

I would love to hear about your 4th of July. Please share in the comments.

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  1. JEN

    Thank you for sharing! Your fireworks look beautiful!

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