Top Ten Baby Must-Have’s: 6-12 Months

Marketing convinces us that we need it all, but really babies don’t need much. Younger babies need different items than older babies. For this reason, I split my list in two. While you are most likely still using the items from my Top Ten Baby Must Have’s for Birth to Six Months, these are some additions for your active, older baby as they learn new skills.

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An exersaucer is a great toy for young babies. It’s good for their gross and fine motor skills as they to jump, reach, and touch; but it’s also a secure place to set them in when they want to play and you need to clean or prep a meal.


I didn’t include this last week because my children never liked the stroller until after six months. I’ve used both a single and double stroller. Personally, I prefer the single stroller. It’s not as bulky and my children rarely want to be in the stroller at the same time.

High Chair

I include a space-saving high chair in this post. Since we live in an apartment, it’s nice to save space by using one that can be used with our dining room chair.

Bath Toys

Keep in mind that most bath toys come with holes which means the moisture can build up and lead to mold. You can either buy the toys that don’t have holes or replace them frequently. Since bath toys are relatively inexpensive, we opt for the latter.

These stick on to the sides of the bathtub and are so versatile. My 1 y.o. throws them, but my 3 y.o. hunts for letters and numbers, giving us plenty of time to practice.

I would buy this set so that you have the scooper for them to dry in, but then I would replace the toys every so often.


In another post, I’ll share some of my favorite books for babies. For now, I’ll leave you with the one below. Little Man likes to point to the pictures and, now that he’s older, he asks us (in his own way) what each object is–great for building vocabulary. It’s a board book, so little hands can’t easily destroy it.

For babies, opt for board books or the touch-and-feel books that way they can explore without damaging.

Let me add that we do read to our children before six months, but their interest in books really takes off at this age. Hence, I included it here rather than the prior list.

Baby Carrier

These are my two favorite carriers.

The Ergobaby is well-known. I’ve used it for both my children and it’s held up with little wear and tear. You can wear them in a variety of positions including: in front of you, on your side, and on your back. Personally, I only wear them in front.

Mo+m is my favorite. The pouch in the front is mesh so when it’s hot, you can unzip it and more air flows to your baby. Living in Florida–this is a must. It doesn’t have the option to wear in multiple positions. This carrier is also a fraction of the price in comparison to the Ergobaby.

Keep in mind, the belt is more fitted so you may need an extension depending on your size.


To be honest, I don’t use the cloth bibs much at all. I like these. We do baby-led weaning, so we skip pureed food altogether. Food collects inside and you can wash them with the dishes making clean-up a breeze.


Now that they are learning to eat food, it’s time for utensils. Personally, I don’t introduce them until closer to one, but I let them explore when they feel like it. Even at 21 months, my son doesn’t often use utensils (except to play.)

Cups, Plates, and Bowls


When it comes to toys, keep it simple. Most likely, your baby will want to play with your pots and pans, their diapers, and your remote control. Toys are great, but don’t overdo it. Here are some suggestions. I’ll add some of our favorites in a later post.

So moms, did I forget anything that you consider essential? Please feel free to share in the comments. I received feedback on my last post and many first-time moms want to know what they need as they prepare for motherhood. Let’s help them out.


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