Top Ten Baby Must-Haves: Birth to 6 Months

Birth to 6 Months Baby Must-Have’s

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I am a victim of advertising. My husband teases me all the time because there’s this picture at Subway of a sandwich and the tomatoes make my mouth water. I stand there in line and I really want tomatoes on my sandwich. There’s one problem. I HATE tomatoes. Seriously, if I had more money, you could sell me on almost anything. As long as there’s a cool picture.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, we went into Babies R’ Us. I was amazed by all the stuff. I’m thinking–what in the world? I mean, this baby will be what seven, eight pounds. And they need all this? I mean there’s bottles, bottle-warmers, bibs, sippy cups, baby food processors, bottle drying racks, high chairs, forks, spoons, and the list goes on. And that’s just for feeding!

We’re trying to move toward a more minimalist way of living (my loving Hubby still needs coaxing). I’ve used so many baby items with our first two children–and many I know I’ll never use again. But here’s what I couldn’t live without.

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Breastmilk or Formula. That’s a given. Baby’s got to eat. I’ve done both.

Nursing cover/ bottles. As I mentioned above, I have used both breastmilk and formula. With my daughter (now 3), she refused to nurse. For formula feeding, I preferred Medela bottles and nipples.

For Little Man (now 20 months old) we still nurse, but only at night thankfully. I like to have a nursing cover, but this is a very debated topic. As Little Man got older, I switched to the two-shirt method and banished the nursing cover. But in the early days when you’re both trying to get the hang of nursing, a cover can be helpful. For me, this is a must-have. But some moms disagree.

Note: If you want to pump, you need a breast pump. Most insurance plans cover this. I personally loathe pumping so it’s not included on my list.

Baby wrap or carrier. For the early days, I can’t say enough good about the K’tan. I love it! It’s affordable, easy to use, and keeps baby close. You tug it on like a T-shirt and slip baby inside. The downside: not easy to nurse in and comes in different sizes, one size doesn’t fit all.

Bulb syringe. Not only do you need this, but you should carry one on you at all times. Their little noses get clogged up easily. Many moms suggest the NoseFrida. I have yet to use it, but plan to try it the next time around.

Rock n’ Play. I hardly ever used the baby swing, but in the early days the rock n’ play was the only place Little Man would sleep for any stretch of time. It’s in an inclined position and swings. I would only recommend using this for sleep when you are awake and keeping an eye on the baby.

Diapers and Wipes. I personally use cloth diapers. Most of the time I purchase from Fluffy Penguin, Kelly’s Closet, and Green Mountain Diapers. On a plus side, as you can see below, the diapers have a dual purpose when they get older: toys. They can’t ruin them like disposables.

Crib and mattress. Another highly debated topic. With my first child, she slept in the crib from the beginning. With my second (who still doesn’t sleep much at night), we co-sleep. Most important, your child needs a bed. However, for me, next time we’ll start with the crib from the beginning.

Car seat. Enough said. You can’t even leave the hospital without one. I like Graco the best because they are safe and affordable, but there’s tons of options.

Play Gym Piano Mat. I got so much use out of this that it tucked away safely for future children. Perfect for tummy time, or laying them on their back for a minute.
Burp cloths, clothes, and washcloths. I don’t buy that breastfed babies don’t spit up. Both of my babies spit up equally as much. Wash cloths are great for bath and if you ever run out of wipes. Clothes–keep minimal and season appropriate. For us, Brookie wore clothes all the time, but Little Man hated clothes. Since Little Man pretty much hated life for the first six months, I compromised and kept him in only a diaper. We live in Florida so weather isn’t much of a concern–well, so long as it’s lightweight and short-sleeved.

There are millions of other items you could have, but these are the necessities. You’re baby won’t notice much else. Next week, I’ll share a top-ten list of must-haves for older babies (six-twelve months.)

So moms, anything else you would add?


    1. momentsdippedinink

      Aww. That’s great! Congrats!

    1. momentsdippedinink

      I didn’t have it with my first (but she was pretty easy-going.) I can’t imagine surviving the newborn months without it.

  1. Devon

    Great list. My Ergo baby carrier was my favorite and most used baby product.

  2. Amber

    Great list! I somehow didn’t even know a rock n play was a thing (my little is only 14mos. old), but I plan to get one when we have our next child just because I heard they are amazing.

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