Toddler Mishaps and Broken Electronics

I blinked. The sunlight streamed through the sides of our darkening curtains and I turned on my side. Next to me, Little Man slept, a dreamy smile on his lips.

To his right, Jared slept. I sighed and tugged my computer from between the nightstand and bed, prepared to return to my fiction dream-world. I froze, the computer on my lap, as I caught sight of Little Man’s diaper.

It wasn’t connected.

The snappi that held the prefold together lay to the side. The diaper lay flat underneath him. The cover somehow ended up wedged underneath his ankle. The diaper itself was soaked. I nudged Jared.


“Hmmmm…” He turned away from us.

“Jared.” I tapped his shoulder.


I raised my voice just a smidgen. “Jared!”

Little Man’s eyes popped open and he tossed me a lazy grin. Jared still slept. I set the computer down in the side-carred crib and started to move when Jared sat up.

“What’s going on?” Jared rubbed his eyes.

“This.” I held up the diaper. “I think you might have slept through his diaper change last night.”


“Yep.” I slipped off the bed. “Can you get a diaper?”

Jared hurried out of the bedroom and I reached for Little Man. Little Man giggled and stood. He wobbled to the crib. Then, it happened.

A stream of pee released.

All over the computer.

“No!” I snatched the computer, but it was too late. Little Man teetered across the bed, shimmied down the side, and exited our room. Outside the door, I watched in horror as a second stream of pee met the carpet.

Little Man stared in awe. Jared returned with the diaper. I lowered myself to the edge of the bed. Our sole computer. My only means of writing—destroyed.


“Little Man peed on the computer.” My voice lacked emotion.


I handed him the computer. Jared sanitized it, and then spent an hour trying to revive it. But nope. Three weeks before the deadline to a writing contest and I’d lost my means to write.

Yes, this happened.

Yes, we bought a new computer.

No, we didn’t disown our son.

Then, I cried.

Now, I laugh.

Your Turn:

Occasionally, I’ll host Mishap Monday on my blog. Commiserate with me. Share some of your unbelievable mishaps in the comments below.


  1. Angela

    One of our kids threw a wooden block at our less than one year old waited for years to get very first flat screen TV. Warranty won’t cover cracked lcd screens. Lesson learned, no more wooden blocks in the living room. Oh and we bought a tv protector for our new tv. Worth every penny for the peace of mind…Flat screens aren’t as durable as those older TV’s!

    1. momentsdippedinink

      Oh, man. 🙁 I might have to make that a rule too! I can see Little Man doing that. In fact, a TV protector sounds like a must!

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