Family Christmas Traditions

Christmas is our favorite time of year. Especially Jared’s. In fact, if I let him, Jared would listen to Christmas music all year round and we’d never take down the Christmas tree. When Christmas comes, so do our traditions. Now, our family is still on the new side. We’ve been married five years and our children’s ages are three years and fourteen months. So, while we have traditions, we’re also still trying out new traditions each year to see what we like best.

Which is why I’m here to share some of our established traditions, but also some things we plan to do a little differently this year.

Christmas lights. This is always so much fun. At a park nearby, there is a beautiful display of Christmas lights that Brookie loves. Last year, she even got to take a picture with Anna and Elsa and see an owl up close. The beautiful lights sparkling on the palm trees, nativity scene decorations, and more really sets the tone for Christmas, no matter where you live. You may need to look up local display areas near you. 

Buy one piece of decor to add to our Christmas collection. When it comes to decorating for Christmas, it is so easy to go all out. Unluckily, when you have a tight budget, your options are limited. So, our first year of marriage, we decided to make this a tradition. Each year, we purchase on piece of decor. Last year, we actually waited until after the Christmas season to buy a new tree because we knew it was time. So, this year will be our first year with the new tree. This year, we need to buy Little Man his own stocking because he didn’t have one last year, but since we’re moving in January that will probably be it.

The centerpiece I put together last Christmas

Black Friday rings in the Christmas season. Since we were out of town, we’re a little behind, but for the most part we spend Black Friday decorating and start blasting our Christmas music. We aren’t big Black Friday shoppers so this is what we do instead.

We read the story of Christ’s birth each day. Our goal each is Christmas is to teach our children the reason for the season. We strive to keep His birth at the forefront of our holiday as well as teach our children the truth of his birth. That He was born to die that we might live. From Brookie’s first Christmas, we started this by reading the story from various Children’s Bibles. And on Christmas Eve, we read directly from the Bible together as a family.  


Christmas movies! The only kind of white Christmas we get here in Florida is the kind in Bing Crosby’s White Christmas. While neither my husband nor I have a huge liking for snow (way too cold!), it’s nice to set the mood with Christmas movies. So starting on December 1st, the Christmas movies commence!

Now for the new traditions!

Birthday cake. Since we’re celebrating the birth of baby Jesus it only makes sense to enjoy some cake. Brookie is our little choco-holic so she’ll love this tradiiton. We actually always planned to do this, but since my birthday is three days after Christmas, we decided to hold off until she was old enough to understand. After all, you can only have so much cake before getting tired of it. (Okay, Jared’s shaking his head at me as I type this sentence. Apparently, there’s no such thing as too much cake…)

Goals. I’ve yet to make a cake that looks as beautiful as this, but someday.

Four Christmas Presents. Last year, we were overwhelmed by the amount of toys we had for Brookie and Little Man. I felt like toys were spilling out of our ears. That’s when I heard of a new tradition. Four gifts in four different categories.

Something you want.

Something you need.

Something to wear.

Something to read.

This kind of goes against my grain as I’m the one who just wants to spoil my kids…but we don’t want to accumulate too many toys. So each child will get four gifts each fitting into the above categories.

Baking Christmas cookies. Don’t laugh. Each year, I say we’re going to do this. And each year, we don’t. I’m not much of a baker, but I really want Brookie to have this opportunity. Okay, okay. This is how it’ll go. Jared will help Brookie bake cookies while I snap the pictures and then I’ll post them on here.

Goals: haha, doesn’t this just make you want to bake cookies!

Lego Christmas Activity. I can’t wait to do this activity with Brookie and Little Man. I’m sure Brookie will get more out of it, but it’ll be an introduction for Little Man. If you’ve followed my blog for much time you know I love Heidi Franz’s curriculum ABC Jesus Loves Me. You can even see my review here. If you subscribe to her newsletter on her blog, then you’ll receive the worksheets and you can do this too.

I don’t know if we’ll do this exact activity each year, but the idea is to do something extra to really teach our children about Christ.

Now your turn:

What are some traditions that you have this time of year?

Are you doing anything new?


  1. Vany

    I seem to be the only one in my household who really enjoys Christmas. My Christmas tree usually goes up the day after thanksgiving and I have my fiancé’s boys do it. I love listening to Christmas music as well. I just can never get enough. It’s great that you guys are creating new traditions!

    1. momentsdippedinink

      Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed taking a peek at your blog. 🙂

      That’s sweet that your fiance’s boys help out!

      1. Vany

        You’re welcome! They really have no choice but to help :-D. Don’t forget to come by sometime:

  2. Carol

    I love the way you are emphasizing Christ in Christmas. I think it’s great that you read the Christmas story each day.

  3. Camie

    Christmas traditions are so meaningful. I like how you add to your decorations over time. We’ve done the same and we’ve been given homemade decorations over the years as well. Now I have quite the collection after 24 years of marriage. My daughters and I love to craft and make our own ornaments. We read a story that demonstrates the Christmas spirit every night as our countdown, ending with the Christmas story out of the scriptures. This year I wrapped each book for added fun. Something new this year will be twelve days of Christmas which will be unwrapping a homemade ornament that features a different name of Christ each night, and reading a corresponding scripture verse. Merry Christmas!

    1. momentsdippedinink

      I love that idea! I think we’re going to have to do that one year. It’s so awesome that you make your own ornaments.

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