Hurricane Little Man on the Loose

Little Man is taking his first step from a little tiny helpless babe to a hurricane creating toddler. In other words, he is ONE!


In many ways, it feels like just yesterday that I fearfully entered the hospital, knowing I was about to face Pitocin (which I hate) and doing labor (without an epidural) on my back because of being diagnosed with preeclampsia at 37 weeks.

But after 12 hours, Little Man was in my arms, his face red, his eyes clamped shut, screaming his little head off, telling me how horrible it was being evacuated from his snug little home.


And now he’s walking, laughing, throwing Legos in the toilet, and my cell phone in the trash. He’s saying mama and dada and hi. He’s waving, cruising, and sharing toys with his sister.

He’s a solid 25 pounds, nearly weighing as much as his sister and 29 inches tall.

He has six teeth and loves (I mean, LOVES) to eat. He likes music and noise, talking and socializing. He enjoys a change of scenery, but hates being separated from Mommy and Daddy. He’s full of life.


He’s very much a Mommy’s boy, but loves Daddy too.

We celebrated his birthday with Thomas and Friends decorations, an awesome cake made by my friend Erika, the cutest Thomas shirt made by my sister Carol, and a small gathering of close friends.

We finished celebrating his birthday with dinner and playtime at our local mall, just the four of us.


And just like that, Little Man is one. I can tell you one thing: I’m not ready for it! I’m sure we’ll have buckets of stories to share with you over the next year. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to hear more updated stories, and be sure to follow our blog.

We can already tell Little Man will keep us on our toes.

Please comment and tell me a little about you.

  1. How do you celebrate your babies 1st birthdays?
  2. Any tips as we get ready to embark on this journey with Little Man?

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Jared and CJ

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